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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A BIL With Good Taste

I have a Brother-In-Law, Bill, with very good taste. He loves a good mystery and has sent me several books that I really enjoyed. He also has great taste in wine, and of course he showed very good taste in marrying my sister, Faith.
Bill and I on the beach in Sarasota, FL
I recently finished the book, Land Of Burning Heat by Judith Van Gieson, that Bill sent me. I enjoyed the book so much that I ordered the other 3 in the Claire Reynier Mystery series.
In Land Of Burning Heat, Claire Reynier is an archivist in New Mexico. Someone tells her they have discovered an old faded document that was hidden for hundreds of years under the floor of her family's adobe house. Claire thinks it might be the controversial last words of a Jewish mystic who was condemned to death by the Inquisition in Mexico City. It's a very good mystery that tells of her search for the document and a murderer.
Dusty was very sick all night from working in the heat yesterday. He was so dehydrated that the ems guys had to give him a bag of fluids this morning. He's feeling better now. His cramping has eased and he is able to keep fluids on his stomach. The heat here in my part of Texas has been almost unbearable.
Dr Report: I had my second chemo treatment yesterday. My blood counts were good with the exception of my white and red blood cells. They gave me an injection for the red cells and I will go back tomorrow for the injection for my white cells. I am feeling fine but can tell that I'm beginning to lose my appetite. I will probably start taking the Megace again to beef up my appetite. I don't want to lose any weight.


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