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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Life Revolves Around Books...

At least it seems that way. What book did I recently read, what am I reading now, what is our GRINS book club book of the month? It is nice to be enjoying a good book after having lost my interest in reading while I was having my chemo treatments.

I am currently reading Crashing Through by Robert Kurson. It's the true story of a man who lost his sight when he was 3 years old, due to a chemical burn. He regains his vision when he is in his 40's. I haven't got to the part where he can see again, but I've been amazed at all that he accomplished in his life while being blind. There are several parts of the book that have made me stop and reflect on what was written. A day later I try to remember what it was that I found so profound. Maybe I should have written it down.

If I wrote down each phrase that I wanted to remember in all the books that I read, what would I do with them? Would I ever go back to re-read them? Would I collect so many that it would be impossible to find the one I was looking for? I'll have to ask those questions to my friend, Laura. She takes notes when reading and writes down all the phrases that mean something to her. Hmmmm that gives me an idea....I keep a book journal in an Excel spreadsheet. I have columns for title, author, a few words describing how I liked the book, who recommended it and if it was a bookclub book. I guess I could add a page to the spreadsheet that was linked to a book and write the phrases on that page. But can you imagine how many pages I would wind up with? I'll have to think about that before I actually put it into action.

To explain what made me think of the above is something I read in this book. It said that getting lost is a terrifying prospect to most blind people. But the man in this book said that getting lost was the best part. He told people that he was very curious and getting lost was part of the process of discovering things. I could relate to that even though I'm not blind. I used to avoid driving in downtown San Antonio, partly because I had no idea where I was going and also because I was a little bit afraid. I do drive there now and it's become a joke that I get lost every time I go downtown. I love it because it's always an adventure!


  • At 9:53 PM , Anonymous DAN said...

    Hay Mary Ann, when I got started trying to do anything with a computer I bought a book called Windows XP for Dummies, the arthur said he would make notes on what he was doing and made an icon for each subject and lable them, then when he needed information on a certain question he would look up that icon and get the answer.
    Your doing grate, hope this helps.

  • At 7:59 PM , Blogger MaryAnn said...

    Hmmm that's a good idea. Instead of listing them by books I could list them by subject. Thanks Dan.


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