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Friday, May 08, 2009

Inspired By A Jaybird

While Nita and I were on our Texas Road Trip, we spent one night at Jaybird's house in Waco. I was impressed with the view from her breakfast table. She had several bird feeders in her backyard right outside the window. We sat at the table with our coffee/tea and had a front row seat to the lovely bird scene. Jaybird had a bird identification book on the table, but I don't think she needs it any more. She knows all the birds in the area. In fact she keeps track of the birds that visit her yard and logs them at an online site. This past year she had more different species of birds than any one else in Waco.

Thanks to Jaybird's inspiration I now have 2 new feeders in my yard.

Suet feeder

Sunflower Seed feeder

I haven't had any bird visitors yet. At least I haven't seen any there yet. Maybe it takes a while for them to find the feeders? I also bought a bird identification book on Ebay that should be coming in soon.

I have fed the hummingbirds for years and this year I have 3 regulars coming to enjoy the nectar. I have also provided some flowering plants for their enjoyment.

While shopping for the birds, I found this cute little toad. I never buy any cutsie things to put in with my plants, but I just had to have this one.


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